Aug – Bunnings


Hi everyone, I am honoured to be asked (more like, roped into!), to do a write up on this months’ car

run. I am Jason King’s wife, Janine, and I am pleased to be able to donate some time to this great



To put it bluntly – it was bloody freezing! All helpers would agree with me, but we rugged up and

stood near to the Barbie. But, despite the horrible weather, there were plenty of visitors to Bunnings

Notting Hill that day and a good turn up of members, partners and earlies.

The day started with a tad of anxiety. Jim went to Coles Croydon at 7am to pick up our order of

snags and bread to find that the Coles computer system had crashed and he wasn’t able to pay for

the goods. OMG…what was he going to do? Luckily, quick thinking Jim approached the Manager,

explained the predicament and the lovely Manager let Jim take the goods as long as he left his

license and personal details with him and promise to return in the afternoon to pay for the goods.

Good call Jim – you saved the day!


We had a great team rostered for 2 hourly shifts, starting with an 8am set up consisting of Jim, Kay,

Rod, Derk, Bruce, Garry Hodge and Chris Shepard with the sizzle starting at 9am. I was advised

that it was a bit slow to start with, but after Jason and I arrived for the 10am shift, it really hotted up

with a few long lines at times, that we couldn’t keep up. We even ran out of tomato sauce by then.

Next shift was the midday crew ACFA-Cashflow consisting of Ray & Val, Ray & Diane, Gary & Lesley Beardsley and

seeing it was lunch time, it was our best trading hours of the day. Many customers bought a snag

on the way in and then another for the drive home. Even one person bought 4 and asked if we had

foil so he could wrap them up to take home to the family (which we did). Talk about EMHC Uber



The 2pm crew arrived and included Aldo, Andrew and Scott. Jason and I stayed on as it was heaps

of fun chatting to everyone. By this time, Jason and Derk jumped on the tools and typically got up to

no good – as they do! We still did good sales for that mid arvo snack. Quite a few Bunnings

employees purchased from us which was good.


The 4pm shift (pack up crew) arrived early, Chris and Richard Fox. They jumped in the tent and

became front of house for a while. After he was advised that very few cold drinks were sold, Richard

decided to up-sell each $2.50 snag purchase offering a drink for $1.50. We were all laughing at

Richard doing his “Macca’s – want fries with that?” suggestive selling technique, but the joke was on

us – it worked! I would say he sold the same amount of drinks in that time than we sold all day.

We went over time until we sold the last cooked snag – approx.4.30pm. We raised approx. $1000

for the club. I think that is a great effort considering the dreary weather. Many customers were taken

at how gorgeous the cars were. We had a total of 9 earlies turn up and on display. Scotty’s car made

its’ debut on a club run, with its’ stunning paint job and interior. Even a female Bunnings staff member

came up to a few members and enquired how to hire a few cars for her wedding in early 2020.

Additionally, we had a man named Ashley and his partner come up and chatted about how he

purchased an FJ Sedan a few weeks ago. He showed pictures of it on his mobile and a few members

recognised it as the late Joe Brouns, sedan of the Melbourne Chapter. Ashley is a local and took an

EMHC application form, so we hope to welcome him in the near future.


A massive thank you to all who volunteered at Bunnings on such a lousy, wet day. 26 members

attended some with wives, made the job very easy. Thanks also to Kaye for the yo-yos & slices,

we all helped get them down.


Regards, Janine Hallett (King)


Members with earlies

Chris Fox

Richard Fox

Rod Grummitt

Garry Hodge

Geoff & Lyn Ogden

Andrew Staines

Derk Tuik

Jeff White

Scott Woodbridge

Members without

Gary & Lesley Beardsley

Jim & Kaye Bishop

Harold Bulman

Ray & Val Daggers

Ray & Diane Eaton

Ray Edsall

Gary Etheredge

Aldo Gianchino

Bruce Graham

Jason & Janine King

Chris Shepherd