43rd FX FJ Victorian State Titles Postponed

Fol­low­ing a com­mit­tee meet­ing last night the dif­fi­cult deci­sion has been made to post­pone the 43rd FX FJ Vic­to­ri­an State Titles. The State Titles had been sched­uled to be held on Octo­ber 24 and 25 2020 at the Her­itage Golf and Coun­try Club in Chirn­side Park. In light of the cur­rent restric­tions in place for the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic and…

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COVID-19 Update

Hi all, Last Thurs­day the club exec­u­tive includ­ing myself, Jim Bish­op, Rod Grum­mitt and Peter Cor­ri­g­an had a tele­con­fer­ence to make a club update on club activ­i­ties as a result of the cur­rent pan­dem­ic that we are all liv­ing through. It was decid­ed (and not unex­pect­ed) that we will extend the sus­pen­sion of club activ­i­ties through to June 1…

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Corona Virus — EMHC Update

Hi all, This morn­ing a spe­cial com­mit­tee meet­ing was held via tele­con­fer­ence, to deter­mine the clubs posi­tion on club events in the wake of the coro­na virus. It was agreed unan­i­mous­ly amongst the com­mit­tee meet­ing that were present, that ALL CLUB ACTIVITIES be sus­pend­ed until 1st May 2020. This deci­sion will be reviewed in the last week of April…

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Corona Virus - EMHC Update - ALL CLUB ACTIVITIES are suspended until 30th June 2020.