February 2018 Run Report METUNG

February Run Report METUNG
Friday 16th group run down to Metung written by Derk.

I’m all packed and ready to leave early for our cruise to Metung, as I’m driving out of my driveway my sedan starts to run like a bag of you know what, while I’m parked at the end trying to decide if I will roll it back to the shed and swap to the ute I get a call from Peter Corrigan, sorry mate running late will catch up with you on the way, I decide to press on with the sedan, starts running better when she gets warmer, I pull into the servo thinking I will be the first to arrive only to see Big Trev fuelling up.

I continue on to park and get myself a coffee only to find Rod, Sharon ,Ian and Jane half way through theirs, anyway I get my coffee and sit down and the rest arrive in quick succession Daryl and Jan Dunn, Ray and Di Eaton and Gary and Lesley Beardsley, we are all settled in when Big Trev has his bonnet up, Oh Oh out we go to what’s gone wrong, nothing major just the toggle switch for the Thermo fan, a simple repair by joining wires and she is up and running, while all this is going on who should in but Peter and Linda Corrigan, some good catching up driving there Peter (obviously leant something in Baskerville)

Departure time was set for 11am but it is now 11.20

With me in the car engine running and Ian and Jane also in the car ready with everyone else still standing around talking with the women if they will ever shut up, I figure someone needs to make a move so off I go thinking Ian will follow but not so, I continue on at a steady 50MPH thinking they will catch me pretty soon, this they did when I got to Morwell, so I ramped up the speed a little and our convoy is on the move.

We decided to avoid Sale by taking a couple of back roads bringing us back onto the highway on the other side which is where I see Big Trev and all the others pulling over, I pull up and reverse back to see what’s going on to find Trev’s repair has let go and needs re-twisting, while we are all gathered a quick decision is made to stop in Stratford for lunch, it is agreed to stop at a café I have been to before and we find a large outdoor table that can accommodate us all, orders placed with some arriving quite quickly and others not so, some 45 minutes later we heading back to the cars for the rest of our trip to Metung.

Friday 16th PM /Saturday and Sunday written by Jim.
Kay and I left home on Thursday to catch up with friends at Bairnsdale overnight. We then headed for Metung at 1pm on Friday to wait for the arrival of the others.

Once there we caught up with Paul and Maureen at Metung Waters and booked into our room. We cannot speak highly enough of this 2 level Apartment/Motel style accommodation, the room sizes are very generous and in great condition with balconies, and right in the heart of town. Also included is a lovely pool, lots of outside seating and a private car park at the rear.

We then had a good look around this lovely little town and were very impressed with its great location and holiday offerings, we would recommend a visit to Metung well worth the trip. We then had a text from Derk telling us they had stopped for lunch, and also planned to stop at Bairnsdale to try and obtain an isolating switch for Big Trev’s thermo fan switch that had failed. They finally started to arrive at about 3.30 and every one started to settle into their accommodation.

Rod checked the BBQ meat in the portable fridge to find it still frozen, so we placed it on a table in the sun to thaw. By this time everyone was enjoying multiple refreshments along with lots of laughter and good humour. With evening nearing Rod and I started the BBQ, steak/burgers & snags along with bread went very well, along with lots of liquid to wash it all down.

This lead to a great evening including a 2 minute walk to the lakeside to take in the sunset. Later on the evening ambience was interrupted by a big splashing sound? It did not come from the surrounding lakes as some thought but from Big Trev taking a dip in the pool, that he obviously enjoyed.

Earlier in the afternoon Derk booked us into the great little café around the corner for breakfast the following day. With this in mind most of us turned in for the night, leaving the night owls to continue in the lovely night air.

Another nice event of this weekend was we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely young couple Glen and Allison joining us as guests of our club. They live down this way and recently bought Peter Charman’s previous car. Allison provided us with some terrific homemade cheesecake, she had made so much it lasted right through the weekend, and it was enjoyed by everyone. So as requested the recipe has been sent to us and is in this newsletter.

Saturday morning started with the earlies being set up for display on the “Village Green” adjacent to the café where we had breakfast, the cars attracted a lot of attention for the hours they were there. Now we mentioned breakfast at the café and this turned out to be a fun time, when Derk booked this the previous day he gave then the EMHC as the booking name. One of the girls running the café decided to google EMHC to satisfy their curiosity as to who we were, she told us that one of the first EMHC identifications she found was – the EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS HOLY COMMUNION !!,you can imagine the reaction of this from us. It was quickly decided that Derk was to be forthwith referred to as Father Derk and Rod as Cardinal Rod, and Father Derk would be taking confessions upon request. Along with breakfast we had a great morning.

Before a BBQ lunch back at the pool most folks went for a long walk along one of the really nice water front shore lines. As we all met for lunch Richard arrived, he had just driven up that morning having been caught up at work with long hours the previous day. We enjoyed another BBQ as there was abundant meat and still lots of Allison’s terrific cheese cake. After lunch we all went for a group run following Gary (as he is almost a local )to Paynesville, as Kay and I did not have our early we hitched a ride with Big Trev, very different from my stock 54 , this was a good insight to our next club run when we get the opportunity to drive each other’s cars.

Once at Paynesville we sought out the pub and had a cooling Ale or soft drink, then back to Metung and afternoon drinks by the pool.

As evening fell we all headed for the pub at the waterside for dinner, a whole five minutes stroll from our digs. Dinner was great with more laughter and fun, and then for something different back to the pool for late evening drinks, though a few less heavy drinks as we were conscious of the long drive home the following day. As we were heading off to our rooms there was a fare bit of fun talk and laughing, it turned out that Di Eaton had let it be known that Ray was on a “promise” tonight “HOORAY”, and on that note our Saturday adventures ended (and Rays were just beginning).

Sunday morning we all started to emerge from our rooms and prepare to drive home, but there was one last event to carry out. We had arranged to angle park all of the earlies out the front of Metung Waters Motel Apartments for a photo shoot, so as we grabbed breakfast from the café or poolside BBQ we brought the cars out, except for one? There was no sign of Peter or Linda Corrigan? We were not sure if they were just really tired or perhaps had taken inspiration from Ray and Di? Anyway someone made enough noise at their door to get Peters car keys, and with that his car joined the line-up.

It was a great site, a beautiful morning cars all lined up and shiny with their drivers posing beside them except for Peter (I filled in for him) he must have been really tired?, it was also noted that Ray had a big smile on his face!. Well with all of the camera work done with good buys started, individuals and small groups started for home. Kay and I caught up with Derk, Rod and Sharon at Yarragon for a quick lunch and then continued on home.

What a great club run terrific location perfect weather and accommodation. Many thanks to Maureen and Paul as our hosts. I am not sure how many times Paul hat to clean up the BBQ after us but it was quite a few, thank you.

Nine Earlies attended well done.

Stay Happy and Safe.
Jim,Kay and Derk.
Members with earlies Members without
Gary and Lesley Beardsley Jim and Kay Bishop
Peter and Linda Corrigan Daryl and Jeanette Dunn
Ray and Dianne Eaton Ian and Jane Maclean
Rod and Sharron Grummitt Glen and Vicky Sherry
Paul and Maureen Orchard
Derk Tuik
Richard Fox
Trevor Dempsey
Glen and Allison Farley


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