Jason King

Jason King


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President 2018 –

I have been involved in the AEHF FX FJ movement since the late 1980s. I first bought my FJ a stock Chiltern creme FJ Standard in 1986 whilst I was still in school. I still own this car today, although now it does need some work done, and still has its original paint work.

How I got involved int FJ’s was that my father decided in early 1986 to get another FJ, after owning one in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He bought a black FJ special sedan, in hindsight it was a piece of crap. I remember sitting in the back seat of that car a few days after he bought it thinking WOW, this is different, before I knew it I had bought my first FJ, as a kid the after school job of working at K-Mart helped buy the car.

I have owned a few FJ’s over the years, my Chitern Creme standard sedan which I still own to this day, I did at one stage own dads Mosman Blue FJ special sedan, I have owned an orange FJ ute with a 186 in it, I have also owned a panelvan in the early 90’s. I currently have 4 FJ’s 2 Vans, my Chiltern Creme sedan and my blue V6 Ute.

I have been a member of many FX FJ clubs as I have moved around to different states of Australia. The clubs where I have been a member of include

  • Melbourne FX FJ Club.
  • Early Model Holden Club of Victoria.
  • I foundered the Gippsland Early Holden Club in 1991 (which I think has disformed after I left Gippsland.)
  • Northside FX FJ Club in Brisbane.
  • Canberra FX FJ Club (where I was club President at one time)
  • 48 and FJ Club of South Australia and;
    now being back in Melbourne, I’m back in the Early Model Holden Club of Victoria.

I have been to many state titles and Nationals and from memory the first Nationals I ever went to was in Bacchus Marsh in Victoria and the first State Titles I went to was in Geelong Victoria. If you see me at an even, please don’t hesitate to come up and say hello and I would be more then willing to talk FX FJ with you and even try and recruit you into our club.



Corona Virus - EMHC Update - ALL CLUB ACTIVITIES are suspended until 1st May 2020.