Well here we are it is almost Xmas and we are heading off for our last club run with our cars for the year.

It is 9:30 and we are gathering at the club rooms to prepare for our convoy run to the Steam Park in Ferntree Gully Road Scoresby, we are taking our BBQ trailer and Rod is hooking it up to his ute, it then becomes apparent that the trailer lights don’t function, so call in the experts and there is no shortage of them as the photo shows (no plumbers cracks here).

It is suspected that Rod’s ute 8 volt system could not power the trailers LED lights, this was debated but the facts were they did not work, try to check this direct merchant cash lender. Jason offered to tow it with his SUV and with 5 members to attach it and another 5 to supervise it was hooked up and the lights worked!!. The decision was also made to take our two gazebos as well as the dark sky looked threatening, Bob Martella carried those in his ute.

Getting close to 10am and with about 14 earlies gathered we headed of in convoy with Ian Maclean leading the way, after an incident free 10 minute drive to the steam park we arrived to find a further 3 earlies waiting in the car park, so in we went to our designated parking spot within the park.

After setting up our gazebos and seating Ian gave us a brief description of the site and things to see plus areas we could not enter for safety reasons,most folks spread out to go and inspect the contents of the various big sheds that housed steam and diesel engines many of them running.There was certainly a great collection of very old engines and vehicles,during the day there was a very big steam traction engine moving around the central display area and later on a very noisy small WW2 tank was running around.

At midday the BBQ was fired up and Pete Charman and Ian got stuck into the cooking with help from Rob Martella, well done guy’s and thank’s.We had over 40 people (counting the young ones that came with their parent’s) for lunch and it was enjoyed by all.

The afternoon continued with more perusing the display’s and groups sitting and chatting and of course inspection of car’s, one of our members Phillip Cleven had come along with his young family in their early that his dad had bought as a cheap car to drive to the train station each day, about 15 years ago the family decided to bring it back to life with a restoration that included the installation of a 202 running on gas, and with seat belts installed child safety seats in the back for his young children make it a nice family car to bring to run’s a really nice looking car.

One of the steam park members has a 1926 Chev tray, with no body, wooden spoke wheels and a 4 cylinder engine of the era, that some of us got to drive around the park, good fun that made getting into your early afterwards feel like driving a limo. Well with no rain at all during the day and everyone ready to call it a day we packed up, Jason had the BBQ trailer hooked up and the Gazebo’s in the back of his SUV,so Kay and I along with Bruce Graham followed him back to the clubrooms to unload.

Many thank’s to Ian Maclean for arranging the visit to the steam park, it was a great day.

With 17 earlies and over 40 people attending it was a very successful and enjoyable day for our club.

Stay,Happy and Safe

Jim and Kay Bishop.

Those with an Early                                                     Without an Early

Jim and Kay Bishop                                                             Alan and Jan Delzoppo

Harold Bulman                                                                     Michael Delzoppo

Peter Charman                                                                     Aldo Gianchino

Phillip and Janelle Cleven and children                           Ian Glennie

Peter and Linda Corrigan                                                   Jason and Janine King

Trevor and Sue Dempsey                                                  Rob and Di Martella

Ralph and Di Edwards                                                        Brenton Schier

Ian and Jane Maclean                                                         Derk Tuik

Bruce and Lillian Graham

Rod and Sharon Grummitt

Ray and Janet Howlett

Chris Kane

Aaron and Kaela Read and children

John Shore

Andrew Staines

Jeff White

Scott Woodbridge