Sep – Bumpers by the Bay



The day started for Kay and I with a good 45 minutes run from Croydon North to Williamstown, a cloudy day but fine.We arrived to be directed into the undercover display area where we found many other club members and set up our chairs and table for the day ahead.


Then it was time to have a good look at all of the cars on display. There was a great range of many different makes,models and ages, Holdens/Fords/Valiants etc,with many local people and visitors also attending throughout the day. Plenty of food and coffee on sale along with stalls selling all kinds of auto signage and novelty “man cave” items.


The location of this site gives a great view of the city across the water,raffle tickets were purchased with all proceeds for the day going towards fund raising for the fight against Prostate Cancer.


As usual we had quite a bit of interest in the Earlie’s, Pete Charman’s car had quite a few people interested in it’s “Originality. I even had one older guy ask if he could poke his head inside my car to have a smell as he liked the odour of old cars? I guess it takes all types!!.


Big Trev gave me a hand with the car voting slips hand out and retrieval until he had a call from home saying that the gas hot water unit had failed, He had to head of early to fix it before he went to work later in the evening,I hope he was successful.


Later in the day around 2pm they had the raffle draw and car voting awards presentations.The car awards were for the looks and personal appeal of the vehicle’s as seen by the Judges. One of our members Neville Mawer won both a raffle prize and a car award for his car and trailer, Well done Neville.


So ended our second club run for the month, With 16 members and 11 earlie’s attending a very pleasant and enjoyable day.


On behalf of the EMHC I would like to thank the FX FJ club Melbourne Chapter for organising this terrific day for such a good cause,


Well Done.


Stay Happy and Safe.


Jim and Kay.


Those with an Early                                                          Without an Early

Gary and Lesley Beardsley                                                Kim and Janine Radenic

Jim and Kay Bishop

Peter Charman

Trevor Dempsey

Ray and Dianne Eaton

Ray Edsall

Rod and Sharon Grummitt

Russell King

Brenton Schier

Scott Woodbridge

Neville Mawer


Corona Virus - EMHC Update - ALL CLUB ACTIVITIES are suspended until 1st May 2020.