2018 NATS

We left Wheelers Hill Pub Thurs 27th Dec 4 pm had a good & hot run through Melbourne for a few hours, then out on the highway heading to Dimboola for the night, during our run we passed a tow truck carrying an early heading back to Melbourne, it belonged to Ray & Gaye from the Melb Chapter, could not be started, Peter Cammo’s ute stopped running as well, neither caused by heat, unless it was fuel related.

Derk’s ute got a bit thirsty on part of his trip 12 litres gulped in, back to cammos, apparently when filling up radiator it was spitting out steam, so it was pretty hot.

However we continued on our way to Dimboola, arriving at our destination and we met up with Ian & Jane, after a quiet wine & Bundy, we retired to prepare for another day. We met Ian & Jane at 7 am outside Caravan park office & WERE ON OUR WAY , we had a good safe drive whist filling petrol tanks & all the normal duties on a road trip, changing lead drivers a couple of times, we stopped at Coonalpyn, to fill up with fuel, only to find the servo i thought was out of town was in fact not, so with a little bit of pressure on us we took things a little easy until Yumali, as we where getting closer to our destination we didn’t fill right up, waiting for cheaper fuel, todays trip was real good no rush, the day was not quite so hot & both engines performed ideally, arriving at Murray Bridge racecourse app 11.30 am to see most of our club member raring to go we all got through Scrutineering ok, had some lunch, then back to motel, GAME ON.

29th January, 2018
Today was the show and shine, we arrived nice and early and set our cars up. We also set up the club gazebos with the help of other members. Was a good turn out of cars and people for the show and shine.

30th January, 2018
Run to Birdwood Museum. Left Racecourse 8.30. Good run in convoy, maybe a bit slow, no mishaps.
Left about 12.45 to Hahndorf. Town was full up, half an hour to find a park with Trevor & Aaron Read looking, found 1 in IGA.
Had lunch with Reads and families, joined by Chris Fox and family.
Nice drive back to Motel on Freeway. let the ute loose a bit,
Movie at Racecourse “Sunday Too Far Away” .Big crowd enjoying the movie with app 5 seconds viewing of the FJ ute.

31st January, 2018
Car Skills course day at Racecourse. Dropping golf ball into glass, negotiating forward and reverse into garage, etc .every entrant had a ball losing themselves in their own dust from slides & wheelies, it was a time trial of course, my first time at that, thoroughly enjoyed it,
Lunch with members at Foxies at Motel, good afternoon.
Picked up at 5.30 in Minibus taken to Racecourse for Presentation night dinner and raffles etc. Great meal, Cold night, Great Band, Silent Auction got me another small carry bag. Just what i needed.
Members not lucky this year, no trophies for EMHC, except for Driving events, list in Mag.

1st January, 2019
Farewell breakfast at Stuart Reserve cooked by Bikie Club, a lot of chit chat between all clubs. Most of us drove on to “The Bend” racetrack at Tailem Bend. After a lot of signing papers we started on our laps of this very new impressive Race Track. We started with 2 laps at 60kph. Slow drivers were supposed to go at rear, did not happen, subsequently slowing down yours truly and 1 other ute. After pulling into pits and parking cars out in the parking lot, a lot more chatter between friends, next thing the Pace Car driver was calling out for drivers to do 1 lap at 100kph. Well about all raced back to their cars, jumped in and tried to get up front. I finished up in the middle which suited me, as the cars were much faster than myself and cars behind were quite a lot slower than me, or was it the driver! So with Michael Delzoppo urging me on, we decided to go and catch up to the tail end of front drivers, we managed to do this feat with the old ute rock & rolling around the track. Good job by the Ute and I could not have driven any harder, my drive was approx 90kph.
This was a great finish to the Nationals, I feel every participant would agree.

After the laps, all involved started on their way home or to halfway town, Dimboola.
We headed to Mannum on the Murray for 3 days. then Christys beach another 3 days. caught up with family & headed Home.

Members with EarliesMembers without,
Paul & Elaine Annetts.Garry Allen.
Peter & Linda Corrigan & Connie.Gary & Lesley Beardsley.
Ray & Judy Edsall.Alan Delzoppo.
Chris & Jane Fox. & Angus, Chloe, Olivia.Michael Delzoppo.
Richard Fox.Brett Hall.
Rod & Sharon.Grummitt.Ray & Janet Howlett.
Gary & Judy Hislop.Alan Newsome & Wayne.
Jason & Janine King,Brenton & Lyn Scheir. & Aiden
Ian & Jane Maclean.Glen & Vicki Sherry.
Barry Maxted.
Aaron & Lisette Read, with
Kaela, Zahra & Tamsyn
Trevor & Sandra Read
Tim & Luke Sells & Michelle
Derk Tuik
Steve & Sue Whiting