Aust Day Run — 2020

Jan­u­ary 2020 and we are going on our first run for the year, from our club rooms to the Car­dinia Reser­voir Pic­nic Park.

We vis­it­ed this loca­tion last year on our first Aust day run and it was very suc­cess­ful, It is a nice spot for this type of run where we can have a good 45 minute con­voy run, and then set up for the day at a very pleas­ant site for a good chat out­doors and a pic­nic BBQ lunch and share our xmas and new year sto­ries along with dis­cussing the com­ing year.

While most mem­bers met at the clu­b­rooms and drove in con­voy to the site Kay and I went straight to the reser­voir to secure our spot only to find it was already claimed! There were numer­ous large fam­i­ly groups already set­ting up but being such a large area, we were soon able to find a nice tree shad­ed site and we set up and wait­ed for the cars to arrive. It did not take long before the great site of many ear­lies in con­voy entered the parks roadway.

The weath­er was per­fect and every one soon set­tled in, four dif­fer­ent mem­bers brought along small portable BBQs and I had three small packs of snags I froze from the Bun­nings BBQ and along with oth­er items to cook we all ate well, there were also lots of cakes and slices pro­vid­ed by the ladies. It was real­ly nice to move about and talk to folks and enjoy each other’s company.

As the day was com­ing to an end and with lots of oth­er large fam­i­ly groups spread out through the pic­nic area with lots of kids around a moth­er Kan­ga­roo and her half grown young one put on a great dis­play by bound­ing at speed through the entire pic­nic ground it was a great site and so “Aus­tralian” a per­fect fin­ish to the day. We then all start­ed to pack up and say our good bye’s and head­ed home.

Stay hap­py and safe Jim and Kay.

Mem­bers with ear­lies.
Gary and Les­ley Beard­s­ley
Jim and Kay Bish­op
Peter and Lin­da Cor­ri­g­an, with
Court­ney, Jack­son and Con­nor.
Ray and Val Dag­gers
Bruce and Lil­lian Gra­ham, with friends
Judy and Paul.
Steven and Paula Davies
Rod and Sharon Grum­mitt Gary and Judy His­lop Ray and Janet Howlett
Jason and Janine King
Chris Shep­herd John Shore Jeff and Sus­sane White

Vis­i­tor Antho­ny Mirabito

Mem­bers with­out.
Alan and Jan Del­zop­po
Michael and Brett Del­zop­po
Wayne and Anna Flem­ing
Aldo Gianchi­no
Doug and Jean Hed­ing­ton
Rob and Di Martella