November 2021

Hi all,

Wel­come to the Novem­ber newslet­ter and what a big month it has been in some ways with the lift­ing of restric­tions, the plan­ning of club runs to come and a change of venue for the 43rd AEHF Vic­to­ri­an FX FJ State Titles.

Although some restric­tions have been lift­ed, I don’t think we can have a com­plete meet­ing at the clu­b­rooms until the Decem­ber meet­ing, that is why tonight’s meet­ing is being held via zoom. I hope that we can see so many mem­bers at the clu­b­rooms when we once again start hav­ing meet­ings there.

We have organ­ised our first covid-nor­mal run for Sun­day 28 Novem­ber, I know for those who have looked at said that’s not the third Sun­day you are cor­rect. We decid­ed as a com­mit­tee to hold it a lit­tle lat­er for the month, just to ensure that the run could still go ahead regard­ing any restric­tions etc. Any­ways the club run will be to the Kyne­ton botan­i­cal gar­dens for a club BBQ lunch. We will be leav­ing the clu­b­rooms at 9.30am and meet­ing at BP Keilor Park from 10 to leave at 10.30am. The club will be pro­vid­ing the food, so all you are required to bring is your choice of drink and a com­fy chair and some sto­ries to share as we have our first get togeth­er since lockdown.

Now onto the State Titles, it was decid­ed by the State Titles Com­mit­tee that we move the venue for the 2022 43rd AEHF Vic­to­ri­an FX FJ State Titles from the Her­itage Golf Course and Yarra Val­ley Lodge to ATURA locat­ed at 5–17 Dove­ton Avenue, Dove­ton. The week­end is to remain the same with the event to be held on 15th and 16th Octo­ber 2022. Accom­mo­da­tion has been nego­ti­at­ed at the spe­cial rate of $149 per Deluxe room, (which includes break­fast for one per­son and an addi­tion­al per­son will be charged at $20) Book­ings can be made by call­ing 9771 6000 and reserv­ing a room under the Ear­ly Mod­el Hold­en Club. For those that have not checked or received their refund from Yarra Val­ley Lodge, please check to make sure this has been com­plet­ed. I have had reports from mem­bers where Yarra Val­ley Lodge has reversed some refunds issued back to a member’s cred­it card. So please check your cards, accounts etc to ensure you have received your refund.

For those club mem­bers that need to have their Club Per­mit Scheme books signed and are hav­ing trou­ble hav­ing these signed for renew­al, please bring them along to the next club run etc or get in con­tact with me and we can arrange to have these signed by post.

Any­way, that’s it for me for the month.

If you are on the road, please dri­ve safe.