February 2018 Run Report METUNG

Feb­ru­ary Run Report METUNG
Fri­day 16th group run down to Metung writ­ten by Derk.

I’m all packed and ready to leave ear­ly for our cruise to Metung, as I’m dri­ving out of my dri­ve­way my sedan starts to run like a bag of you know what, while I’m parked at the end try­ing to decide if I will roll it back to the shed and swap to the ute I get a call from Peter Cor­ri­g­an, sor­ry mate run­ning late will catch up with you on the way, I decide to press on with the sedan, starts run­ning bet­ter when she gets warmer, I pull into the ser­vo think­ing I will be the first to arrive only to see Big Trev fuelling up.

I con­tin­ue on to park and get myself a cof­fee only to find Rod, Sharon ‚Ian and Jane half way through theirs, any­way I get my cof­fee and sit down and the rest arrive in quick suc­ces­sion Daryl and Jan Dunn, Ray and Di Eaton and Gary and Les­ley Beard­s­ley, we are all set­tled in when Big Trev has his bon­net up, Oh Oh out we go to what’s gone wrong, noth­ing major just the tog­gle switch for the Ther­mo fan, a sim­ple repair by join­ing wires and she is up and run­ning, while all this is going on who should in but Peter and Lin­da Cor­ri­g­an, some good catch­ing up dri­ving there Peter (obvi­ous­ly leant some­thing in Baskerville)

Depar­ture time was set for 11am but it is now 11.20

With me in the car engine run­ning and Ian and Jane also in the car ready with every­one else still stand­ing around talk­ing with the women if they will ever shut up, I fig­ure some­one needs to make a move so off I go think­ing Ian will fol­low but not so, I con­tin­ue on at a steady 50MPH think­ing they will catch me pret­ty soon, this they did when I got to Mor­well, so I ramped up the speed a lit­tle and our con­voy is on the move.

We decid­ed to avoid Sale by tak­ing a cou­ple of back roads bring­ing us back onto the high­way on the oth­er side which is where I see Big Trev and all the oth­ers pulling over, I pull up and reverse back to see what’s going on to find Trev’s repair has let go and needs re-twist­ing, while we are all gath­ered a quick deci­sion is made to stop in Strat­ford for lunch, it is agreed to stop at a café I have been to before and we find a large out­door table that can accom­mo­date us all, orders placed with some arriv­ing quite quick­ly and oth­ers not so, some 45 min­utes lat­er we head­ing back to the cars for the rest of our trip to Metung.

Fri­day 16th PM /Saturday and Sun­day writ­ten by Jim.
Kay and I left home on Thurs­day to catch up with friends at Bairns­dale overnight. We then head­ed for Metung at 1pm on Fri­day to wait for the arrival of the others.

Once there we caught up with Paul and Mau­reen at Metung Waters and booked into our room. We can­not speak high­ly enough of this 2 lev­el Apartment/Motel style accom­mo­da­tion, the room sizes are very gen­er­ous and in great con­di­tion with bal­conies, and right in the heart of town. Also includ­ed is a love­ly pool, lots of out­side seat­ing and a pri­vate car park at the rear.

We then had a good look around this love­ly lit­tle town and were very impressed with its great loca­tion and hol­i­day offer­ings, we would rec­om­mend a vis­it to Metung well worth the trip. We then had a text from Derk telling us they had stopped for lunch, and also planned to stop at Bairns­dale to try and obtain an iso­lat­ing switch for Big Trev’s ther­mo fan switch that had failed. They final­ly start­ed to arrive at about 3.30 and every one start­ed to set­tle into their accommodation.

Rod checked the BBQ meat in the portable fridge to find it still frozen, so we placed it on a table in the sun to thaw. By this time every­one was enjoy­ing mul­ti­ple refresh­ments along with lots of laugh­ter and good humour. With evening near­ing Rod and I start­ed the BBQ, steak/burgers & snags along with bread went very well, along with lots of liq­uid to wash it all down.

This lead to a great evening includ­ing a 2 minute walk to the lake­side to take in the sun­set. Lat­er on the evening ambi­ence was inter­rupt­ed by a big splash­ing sound? It did not come from the sur­round­ing lakes as some thought but from Big Trev tak­ing a dip in the pool, that he obvi­ous­ly enjoyed.

Ear­li­er in the after­noon Derk booked us into the great lit­tle café around the cor­ner for break­fast the fol­low­ing day. With this in mind most of us turned in for the night, leav­ing the night owls to con­tin­ue in the love­ly night air.

Anoth­er nice event of this week­end was we had the plea­sure of meet­ing a love­ly young cou­ple Glen and Alli­son join­ing us as guests of our club. They live down this way and recent­ly bought Peter Charman’s pre­vi­ous car. Alli­son pro­vid­ed us with some ter­rif­ic home­made cheese­cake, she had made so much it last­ed right through the week­end, and it was enjoyed by every­one. So as request­ed the recipe has been sent to us and is in this newsletter.

Sat­ur­day morn­ing start­ed with the ear­lies being set up for dis­play on the “Vil­lage Green” adja­cent to the café where we had break­fast, the cars attract­ed a lot of atten­tion for the hours they were there. Now we men­tioned break­fast at the café and this turned out to be a fun time, when Derk booked this the pre­vi­ous day he gave then the EMHC as the book­ing name. One of the girls run­ning the café decid­ed to google EMHC to sat­is­fy their curios­i­ty as to who we were, she told us that one of the first EMHC iden­ti­fi­ca­tions she found was — the EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS HOLY COMMUNION !!,you can imag­ine the reac­tion of this from us. It was quick­ly decid­ed that Derk was to be forth­with referred to as Father Derk and Rod as Car­di­nal Rod, and Father Derk would be tak­ing con­fes­sions upon request. Along with break­fast we had a great morning.

Before a BBQ lunch back at the pool most folks went for a long walk along one of the real­ly nice water front shore lines. As we all met for lunch Richard arrived, he had just dri­ven up that morn­ing hav­ing been caught up at work with long hours the pre­vi­ous day. We enjoyed anoth­er BBQ as there was abun­dant meat and still lots of Allison’s ter­rif­ic cheese cake. After lunch we all went for a group run fol­low­ing Gary (as he is almost a local )to Pay­nesville, as Kay and I did not have our ear­ly we hitched a ride with Big Trev, very dif­fer­ent from my stock 54 , this was a good insight to our next club run when we get the oppor­tu­ni­ty to dri­ve each other’s cars.

Once at Pay­nesville we sought out the pub and had a cool­ing Ale or soft drink, then back to Metung and after­noon drinks by the pool.

As evening fell we all head­ed for the pub at the water­side for din­ner, a whole five min­utes stroll from our digs. Din­ner was great with more laugh­ter and fun, and then for some­thing dif­fer­ent back to the pool for late evening drinks, though a few less heavy drinks as we were con­scious of the long dri­ve home the fol­low­ing day. As we were head­ing off to our rooms there was a fare bit of fun talk and laugh­ing, it turned out that Di Eaton had let it be known that Ray was on a “promise” tonight “HOORAY”, and on that note our Sat­ur­day adven­tures end­ed (and Rays were just beginning).

Sun­day morn­ing we all start­ed to emerge from our rooms and pre­pare to dri­ve home, but there was one last event to car­ry out. We had arranged to angle park all of the ear­lies out the front of Metung Waters Motel Apart­ments for a pho­to shoot, so as we grabbed break­fast from the café or pool­side BBQ we brought the cars out, except for one? There was no sign of Peter or Lin­da Cor­ri­g­an? We were not sure if they were just real­ly tired or per­haps had tak­en inspi­ra­tion from Ray and Di? Any­way some­one made enough noise at their door to get Peters car keys, and with that his car joined the line-up.

It was a great site, a beau­ti­ful morn­ing cars all lined up and shiny with their dri­vers pos­ing beside them except for Peter (I filled in for him) he must have been real­ly tired?, it was also not­ed that Ray had a big smile on his face!. Well with all of the cam­era work done with good buys start­ed, indi­vid­u­als and small groups start­ed for home. Kay and I caught up with Derk, Rod and Sharon at Yarragon for a quick lunch and then con­tin­ued on home.

What a great club run ter­rif­ic loca­tion per­fect weath­er and accom­mo­da­tion. Many thanks to Mau­reen and Paul as our hosts. I am not sure how many times Paul hat to clean up the BBQ after us but it was quite a few, thank you.

Nine Ear­lies attend­ed well done.

Stay Hap­py and Safe.
Jim,Kay and Derk.
Mem­bers with ear­lies Mem­bers without
Gary and Les­ley Beard­s­ley Jim and Kay Bishop
Peter and Lin­da Cor­ri­g­an Daryl and Jeanette Dunn
Ray and Dianne Eaton Ian and Jane Maclean
Rod and Shar­ron Grum­mitt Glen and Vicky Sherry
Paul and Mau­reen Orchard
Derk Tuik
Richard Fox
Trevor Dempsey
Glen and Alli­son Farley