May 2022 – ELVIS Direct from Graceland (well Bendigo really)

Arti­cle by Jason King

Viva Las Vegas, well not exact­ly it was more like Viva Bendi­go as the club head­ed to Bendi­go for the club run for May.

Was a small group of 1 ear­ly and some mod­ern cars that left the clu­b­rooms at 8.30 to meet the rest of us at BP Calder Park. The traf­fic must have been light as I left home at 9.15 for the 10-minute dri­ve to BP Calder Park and when I arrived the guys from the club rooms where already there and wait­ing for us.

We had the usu­al brekkies and cof­fees at the ser­vo and left the ser­vo at 10.00am sharp. I was impressed as it is not often that we leave right on time, any­way, we made the trip up to Bendi­go, trou­ble free (and one ear­ly dri­ver decid­ed to see how fast his FJ could go. – it goes quite fast doesn’t in Wayne Fleming).

Our first stop was the Beech­worth bak­ery for lunch as we had pre­paid tick­ets for the 1 o’clock show, it was here we were met by Rick on the run. I think he trav­elled about 6km to get to the bakery.

We left the bak­ery and then the fun began. The fun was where do we park. Every man for him­self at Bendi­go Arts Gallery as it seemed like there were thou­sands of peo­ple want­i­ng to get into this exhi­bi­tion. Any­way, we found a park and went inside to the exhibition.

I have been to Grace­land in Mem­phis before, but for those who haven’t would have real­ly enjoyed the exhi­bi­tion in Bendi­go. It was main­ly cloth­ing and per­son­al items of Elvis and Priscil­la and if you shut your eyes, you could be think­ing you stepped back into the 70’s.

After the exhi­bi­tion a few mem­bers joined Rod and Gar­ry Allan out­side in the cof­fee shop and do what we do best talk about all things Holden.

We all start­ed to head home after the exhi­bi­tion. A good day was had by all.

Mem­bers with earlies.

Gar­ry Allan
Ray & Judy Edsall.
Wayne & Anna Flem­ing.
Gary & Judy & His­lop.
Jason King.
Rick Kings­ley.
Bren­ton & Lyn Schier.

Mem­bers without.

Bruce & Lil­lian Gra­ham
Rod & Sharon Grum­mitt.
Tim Sells & Michelle