May 2021

Hi all,

Wel­come to the May newslet­ter, at the time of writ­ing it appears club life is get­ting back to nor­mal here in Mel­bourne. We had a great run last month to the Hold­en Muse­um at Met­calfe fol­lowed by lunch at a pub in Mal­don. Even Cam­mo from the Mel­bourne Chap­ter joined us on the run. All reports (and Kim’s report is in the newslet­ter) said every­one enjoyed them­selves. (I had a lit­tle mishap with a brake hose, which the guys at Met­calf Hold­en Muse­um were able to source me another).

We have anoth­er great run planned for this month to Marysville. We will be leav­ing the clu­b­rooms at 10.00am. For those who don’t remem­ber the offi­cial club run is usu­al­ly the 3rd Sun­day of the month. As we have many mem­bers on the route to Marysville, we are hav­ing a sec­ond meet­ing point at Cold­stream and plan on leav­ing that loca­tion at 10.45am.

Next month’s run is the Pres­i­dents run to Sale. We have around 24 rooms booked at the motel in Sale and have near­ly 50 peo­ple attend­ing this run. This is going to be a great week­end away. There are more details in the newslet­ter, but we will be stop­ping at the Trafal­gar Hold­en Muse­um, Gary His­lop busi­ness in Trar­al­gon and then onto Sale. On the Sun­day we will be going to the Gipp­s­land Vehi­cle Col­lec­tion in Maf­fra. If you haven’t told Janine and still want to go, please let her know at tonight’s meet­ing or as soon as possible.

Although not an offi­cial run this year the 44th His­toric Win­ton will be held on 22nd and 23rd of May at the Win­ton Motor Race­way, with more details in the newsletter.

The club pre­sen­ta­tion night plan­ning is going well, please see Jim Bish­ops write up in this month’s newslet­ter for more information.

You will see in the newslet­ter we have 50th Anniver­sary polo shirts for sale. If you are inter­est­ed in these shirts, please see Bruce Gra­ham, as well on the 50th we are now tak­ing book­ings for the din­ner on the 4th of Sep­tem­ber in Mul­grave and please see Jim. The shirts are $30 each and din­ner at the 50th Birth­day is also $30. I would like to thank Bruce and Peter for their work in this area.

On shirts we will need to know sizes for State Titles shirts so we can place the order and have the cor­rect siz­ing. I will be dis­cussing this at tonight’s meet­ing. As this report seems to be all about cloth­ing, fol­low­ing on from last meet­ing, there was some inter­est in club t‑shirts. Rob Red­wood has secured some t‑shirts for around the $20 mark.

Just on the State Titles plan­ning is pro­gress­ing well for Octo­ber and if you haven’t already booked your accom­mo­da­tion, I would rec­om­mend that you book this now, as at time of writ­ing near­ly all the rooms have been booked. If you have any con­cerns about the state titles, please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact any mem­ber of the committee.

If you are on the road, please dri­ve safe.