April 2021 – Metcalf Holden Museum and Maldon.

Arti­cle by Kim Radenic

On a gloomy wet Sun­day morn­ing 4 of us were at the clu­b­rooms. Just after 9.00am we depart­ed for an easy run to Keilor BP. On arrival we saw a car park full of jaw drop­ping cars and bikes, after a quick cof­fee and say­ing hel­lo to oth­er mem­bers of the club.

We depart­ed for Mal­don and the Met­calf muse­um. We let Ray and Val Dag­gers depart first with Rod Grum­mitt lead­ing the way with a 5‑minute head start. We depart­ed around 10.10am with 17 ear­lies in con­voy. It was at this time I got the good lady wife to use the app to check my speed, no won­der I got a speed­ing fine. 30mph = 60km. 40mph = 80km. 53mph =100km.

We arrived at Met­calf muse­um near Mal­don at 11.30am to be greet­ed by Cathy and her father-in-law, as Jason was in hos­pi­tal suf­fer­ing a heart attack the night before. Morn­ing tea was pro­vid­ed for us, it was an inter­est­ing place, how­ev­er I think we should go back in anoth­er cou­ple of years.

Now we had 18 ear­lies as Tris­tan Coote and Pres­ley Eas­dale were wait­ing for us. It was at this point that 3 blue ear­lies decid­ed to have the blues

Num­ber 1. Jason King blue FJ Ute blown left hand side brake line. A few of the guys got on their phones look­ing up to see which auto place near­by was open. I went to Cathy asked her if any of these parts were for sale, luck­i­ly for Jason a new part was available.

Num­ber 2. Me with a radi­a­tor that decid­ed it want­ed more coolant than the Hume weir has water at its max­i­mum capacity.

Num­ber 3. Approx­i­mate­ly 3km from the muse­um Aldo’s car came to a com­plete dead stop, it was found that he had a blown fuse. A lot of curse words and effort, we were on our way to Mal­don pub for lunch.

Lunch was on, how­ev­er Ray and Val Dag­gers Soup that they ordered took longer than watch­ing the movie Ben Hur, some of us had already fin­ished our main course

At 3.00pm we said our good­byes, made our way home.
A great day was had by all. Hope to see you all on our next run to Marysville in May.

Jim and Kay Bish­op would have been on this trip; how­ev­er, Jim was in hos­pi­tal for a med­ical pro­ce­dure. Hope you get bet­ter soon.

Mem­bers with earlies.

Tris­tan Coote
Ray and Val Dag­gers
Steven & Paula Davies
Pres­ley Eas­dale
Ray & Judy Edsall
Aldo Gianchi­no
Bruce & Lil­lian Gra­ham
Rod & Sharon Grum­mitt
Gary & Judy His­lop
Ray­mond & Janet Howlett
Rohan & Mum John­stone
Jason & Janine King
Rus­sell King
Rick Kings­ley
Neville Maw­er
Kim & Janine Radenic
Mau­rie & Cherie Tehan
Derek Tuik

With a very spe­cial guest CAMMO from the Mel­bourne Chap­ter in Rat­ty FX Ute

Mem­bers without.

Alan & Jan Del­zop­po
Michael Del­zop­po
Richard Fox
Tim Sells & Michelle