March 2021 – Naked Racer and Fat Bobs Burgers.

Arti­cle by Kim Radenic

It’s Sun­day morn­ing; for those of us that are tak­ing our ear­lies, we’re pumped, excit­ed full of enthu­si­asm, until we looked out the win­dow and see it is driz­zling. How­ev­er, noth­ing was going to put us off tak­ing our prized ear­lies out.

We arrived at the club rooms around 9.15am, low and behold 4 cars are already there. Jason and Janine arrive short­ly after telling us that depar­ture time was 10.00am for the Naked Rac­er. By 9.30am we had 9 ear­lies eager­ly wait­ing to depart. It was a quick 20min dri­ve to Chel­tenham, rain­ing, yes. We all had smiles on our dials. When we arrived, there were 2 oth­er ear­lies to greet us.

Full cred­it to Naked Rac­er for set­ting up a long table for us, some had break­fast oth­ers just had a drink. We walked around look­ing at all the fan­tas­tic bikes, old and new, as well as oth­er vin­tage para­pher­na­lia. Great to catch up with mem­bers for a chit chat, Castle­maine and the President’s run in June, being the hot topics.

Jason, Janine and Allen New­some were the first to leave. Rod Grum­mitt then asked how many of us were going to Fat Bobs. 10 minute dri­ve for lunch. 9 ear­lies went to this quirky place. Food was good, ser­vice was excellent.

As we walked in, we saw a black­board; if we reg­is­ter our ear­lies, we could win the car of the week which came with a $75.00 food vouch­er. Every­one was hav­ing a good time, and unfor­tu­nate­ly it end­ed all too soon. We said our good­byes smil­ing as we got into our ear­lies and start­ed them up. God, I love my life.

A big thanks to all that came, look for­ward to our next run in April to Castlemaine.

Foot­note. I won car of the week and $75.00 food vouch­er; I have till 21/4/21 to use it.

Mem­bers with earlies.

Peter Char­man and Roger
Trevor Dempsey and Dylan
Bruce Gra­ham
Rod Grum­mitt
Gar­ry Hod­gen
Steve Lox­ton and Marie
Kim Radenic
Bren­ton Schi­er
Patrick Walsh
Jeff White

Mem­bers without.

Tim Fet­tell (WB)
Jason and Janine King
Allen New­some
John Shore
Mau­rie Tehan