Bunnings 14 Dec 2019

Now our sec­ond run for the month the Bun­ning BBQ at Ver­mont South Dec 14th.

It start­ed just after 7am I arrived to find Pete Cor­ri­g­an and Bruce Gra­ham set­ting up with oth­ers around the same time includ­ing Richard and Chris Fox. Cus­tomers start­ed buy­ing as soon as the first snags were cooked.

We had pur­chased the largest amount of sausages etc as rec­om­mend­ed by Bun­nings, but through­out the day I had three more trips to the local Coles store and Shell ser­vo for more snags/bread /onions and servi­ettes. It was very busy and as usu­al there was a lot of inter­est in our cars by the pub­lic many com­ments and questions.

With a good turn up from our mem­bers the work­load was shared out and as like the pre­vi­ous Sun­day for our Xmas breakup the weath­er was kind. At approx­i­mate­ly 4 pm we were almost out of stock and we start­ed to pack up and sold off the last of the snags. I think with the Xmas BBQ and all day Bun­nings cook­ing most of those involved had seen more than enough sausages for now.

Our tak­ings for the day were very good (result in the Finan­cial report), and once again thank you to those who came along with their cars and assist­ed with the cook­ing etc.

Anoth­er suc­cess­ful club run, Wish­ing every­one all the very best for the com­ing year, stay hap­py and safe Jim and Kay Bish­op.
event for our club.

Mem­bers with ear­lies.
Gary and Les­ley Beard­s­ley
Jim Bish­op
Daryl Dunn
Peter Cor­ri­g­an
Ralph Edwards
Gary Etheridge
Chris Fox
Richard Fox Bruce Gra­ham
Rod Grum­mitt
Gar­ry Hodge
Gary His­lop
Chris Kane
Jason and Janine King
Steve Lox­ton
Ian Maclean
Tim Sells
Chris Shep­herd
Derk Tuik
Jeff White

Mem­bers with­out.
Alan Del­zop­po
Michael Del­zop­po
Wayne Flem­ing
Aldo Gianchi­no
Ter­ry Hunt
Rob Martel­la