Well here we are it is almost Xmas and we are head­ing off for our last club run with our cars for the year.

It is 9:30 and we are gath­er­ing at the club rooms to pre­pare for our con­voy run to the Steam Park in Fer­n­tree Gul­ly Road Scores­by, we are tak­ing our BBQ trail­er and Rod is hook­ing it up to his ute, it then becomes appar­ent that the trail­er lights don’t func­tion, so call in the experts and there is no short­age of them as the pho­to shows (no plumbers cracks here).

It is sus­pect­ed that Rod’s ute 8 volt sys­tem could not pow­er the trail­ers LED lights, this was debat­ed but the facts were they did not work, try to check this direct mer­chant cash lender. Jason offered to tow it with his SUV and with 5 mem­bers to attach it and anoth­er 5 to super­vise it was hooked up and the lights worked!!. The deci­sion was also made to take our two gaze­bos as well as the dark sky looked threat­en­ing, Bob Martel­la car­ried those in his ute.

Get­ting close to 10am and with about 14 ear­lies gath­ered we head­ed of in con­voy with Ian Maclean lead­ing the way, after an inci­dent free 10 minute dri­ve to the steam park we arrived to find a fur­ther 3 ear­lies wait­ing in the car park, so in we went to our des­ig­nat­ed park­ing spot with­in the park.

After set­ting up our gaze­bos and seat­ing Ian gave us a brief descrip­tion of the site and things to see plus areas we could not enter for safe­ty reasons,most folks spread out to go and inspect the con­tents of the var­i­ous big sheds that housed steam and diesel engines many of them running.There was cer­tain­ly a great col­lec­tion of very old engines and vehicles,during the day there was a very big steam trac­tion engine mov­ing around the cen­tral dis­play area and lat­er on a very noisy small WW2 tank was run­ning around.

At mid­day the BBQ was fired up and Pete Char­man and Ian got stuck into the cook­ing with help from Rob Martel­la, well done guy’s and thank’s.We had over 40 peo­ple (count­ing the young ones that came with their parent’s) for lunch and it was enjoyed by all.

The after­noon con­tin­ued with more perus­ing the display’s and groups sit­ting and chat­ting and of course inspec­tion of car’s, one of our mem­bers Phillip Cleven had come along with his young fam­i­ly in their ear­ly that his dad had bought as a cheap car to dri­ve to the train sta­tion each day, about 15 years ago the fam­i­ly decid­ed to bring it back to life with a restora­tion that includ­ed the instal­la­tion of a 202 run­ning on gas, and with seat belts installed child safe­ty seats in the back for his young chil­dren make it a nice fam­i­ly car to bring to run’s a real­ly nice look­ing car.

One of the steam park mem­bers has a 1926 Chev tray, with no body, wood­en spoke wheels and a 4 cylin­der engine of the era, that some of us got to dri­ve around the park, good fun that made get­ting into your ear­ly after­wards feel like dri­ving a limo. Well with no rain at all dur­ing the day and every­one ready to call it a day we packed up, Jason had the BBQ trail­er hooked up and the Gazebo’s in the back of his SUV,so Kay and I along with Bruce Gra­ham fol­lowed him back to the clu­b­rooms to unload.

Many thank’s to Ian Maclean for arrang­ing the vis­it to the steam park, it was a great day.

With 17 ear­lies and over 40 peo­ple attend­ing it was a very suc­cess­ful and enjoy­able day for our club.

Stay,Happy and Safe

Jim and Kay Bishop.

Those with an Ear­ly                                                     With­out an Early

Jim and Kay Bish­op                                                             Alan and Jan Delzoppo

Harold Bul­man                                                                     Michael Delzoppo

Peter Char­man                                                                     Aldo Gianchino

Phillip and Janelle Cleven and chil­dren                           Ian Glennie

Peter and Lin­da Cor­ri­g­an                                                   Jason and Janine King

Trevor and Sue Dempsey                                                  Rob and Di Martella

Ralph and Di Edwards                                                        Bren­ton Schier

Ian and Jane Maclean                                                         Derk Tuik

Bruce and Lil­lian Graham

Rod and Sharon Grummitt

Ray and Janet Howlett

Chris Kane

Aaron and Kaela Read and children

John Shore

Andrew Staines

Jeff White

Scott Wood­bridge