May 2021 – Healsville.

Arti­cle by Jim Bishop

This run start­ed with a ques­tion mark due to pre­dict­ed wet and windy weath­er fore­cast­ed for Sun­day. A Sat­ur­day morn­ing event when the High­way was blocked with fall­en trees at Fer­n­dale at the base of the Black Spur, led me to have a talk with Michael and Kim (who also ques­tioned the run to Marysville) on Sat­ur­day morning.

We decid­ed to alter the itin­er­ary can­celling the dri­ve over the moun­tains to Marysville for safe­ty con­cerns’, we did go to the Bak­ery at Healesville and from there con­tact­ed var­i­ous sites where we might be able to have lunch, we were able to secure a book­ing for 20 peo­ple at the Club Kil­syth Bayswa­ter Nth.

So now to start the run.

Kay and I arrived at Cold­stream at 10.20 to find Gar­ry and Judy, Daryl and Jeanette, Wayne, and Anna, already there, also Andrew and Aldo soon turned up.

While we wait­ed for the group from the club rooms to arrive two motor cycle police­men set up among us with their speed cam­era, they soon pulled over two guys in a rough look­ing 4 wheel dri­ve with real­ly big over size tyres tow­ing a trail­er with anoth­er sim­i­lar vehi­cle on board that had club H plates fitted!!.The tow vehi­cle copped a canary for the over­size wheels and the H plates were removed from the oth­er vehi­cle with lots of paper work being issued.

With our enter­tain­ment fin­ished our oth­er mem­bers turned up. We informed every one of the chang­ers to the run, unfor­tu­nate­ly Gary and Les­ley were missed, and we all head­ed of for Healesville with Bruce and I tak­ing up the rear. When we arrived at the Bak­ery Bruce said Gary had not turned for Healesville but gone straight ahead towards Yarra Glen, Big Trev called Gary only to find that he was almost at Marysville!, he turned around and came back to join us at the Bak­ery. Once again I apol­o­gise to Gary and Les­ley for this mistake.

In anoth­er inci­dent that I did not find out about until the day after (Mon­day) Ray and Judy Edsall had dri­ven straight to Marysville expect­ing us to be there. Sor­ry you missed us folks.

I think it is obvi­ous to avoid things like this hap­pen­ing again that if mem­bers are not going to meet at des­ig­nat­ed enroute loca­tions, they need to ring to con­firm the run, as we do not know all who plan to attend, and it is not pos­si­ble to con­tact all mem­bers at short notice. We did announce the changes for the run-on Facebook.

This does raise the need for mem­bers to let us know if you are going to the des­ti­na­tion alone.

Any­way, back to the run, we all enjoyed morn­ing tea at the Bak­ery after the pleas­ant dri­ve to Healesville, then we had anoth­er pleas­ant dri­ve to the Club Kil­syth were we set­tled in for a real­ly nice after­noon hav­ing lunch and a few drinks with great com­pa­ny. We all start­ed head­ing home around 3pm, I am not sure what the weath­er con­di­tions were like on the moun­tain lat­er in the after­noon? but bet­ter to be wise than sor­ry safe­ty comes first.

We will defi­ant­ly have a future run to Marysville in nicer weather.

Even in light of the inclement weath­er we had 22 mem­bers and 8 ear­lies attend.

Mem­bers with earlies.

Gary and Les­ley Beard­s­ley
Daryl and Jeanette Dunn
Aldo Gianchi­no
Gary and Judy His­lop
Kim Radenic
Bren­ton and Lyn Schi­er
Andrew Staines
Ray and Judy Edsall

Mem­bers without.

Jim and Kay Bish­op
Michael Del­zop­po
Trevor and Sue Dempsey
Wayne and Anna Flem­ing
Bruce and Lil­lian Graham