Australia Day Run – 26th January 2021.

Arti­cle by Jim Bishop

The Aus­tralia day run 2021 was anoth­er very suc­cess­ful run for our club, with mem­bers and fam­i­ly keen to get the cars out and socialise. While some trav­elled straight to Peter and Linda’s love­ly prop­er­ty at Cran­bourne South, the rest of us met at the clu­b­rooms at 10am and depart­ed at 10.15 in con­voy for a good run to Cran­bourne South with just the occa­sion­al light shower.

One thing I did notice at the clu­b­rooms was the pres­ence of mem­bers from the Men’s Shed I sus­pect many of them had not seen us before, we must have been like an inva­sion force tak­ing up the car park and try­ing to shel­ter at the front door from the rain, they were say­ing hel­lo and then sud­den­ly there were cars start­ing up and we vanished!

We arrived at Peters and joined the line-up of cars that were already there and set up the gazebo’s adja­cent to Lin­da and Peters house where Peter had the BBQs going, every­one set­tled in to enjoy each other’s com­pa­ny and catch­ing up with mem­bers we may not of seen for a while owing to the social dis­rup­tion of the pre­vi­ous year.

As usu­al no run hap­pens with­out some issues with one or more of the Ear­lies and with a bit of rain first thing in the morn­ing it was Wind­screen Wiper issues this time, Gary His­lop, Aldo Gianchi­no and Rus­sell King all expe­ri­enced prob­lems that led to much dis­cus­sion re the best wiper sys­tems to use and where to buy the com­po­nents, in addi­tion Chris Shep­herd had an issue with his accel­er­a­tor cable but was able to rec­ti­fy it to make it back home at days end, but none of these issues deterred any of them from pro­ceed­ing on the run.

We all enjoyed a great lunch thanks to Peter and Linda’s cater­ing and hos­pi­tal­i­ty, there were also lots of oth­er nice treats and cakes pro­vid­ed by var­i­ous ladies that went down well.

Mid-after­noon and we start­ed to pack up and head home after a very relax­ing day with a great turn up of 16 Ear­lies and 37 peo­ple spread out among Peters mul­ti­ple acreage property.

We were lucky that the eas­ing of the num­bers for gath­er­ings occurred, let’s hope it con­tin­ues to improve so we can enjoy the com­ing year for our meet­ings and runs not to men­tion Pre­sen­ta­tion Night/State Titles and our 50th birth­day cel­e­bra­tions hope­ful­ly to occur in the sec­ond half of the year.

Stay hap­py and safe Jim and Kay.

Mem­bers with earlies.

Gary and Les­ley Beard­s­ley
Jim and Kay Bish­op
Peter and Cyn­thia Char­man
Peter and Lin­da Cor­ri­g­an
Richard Fox
Aldo Gianchi­no and Syl­vana
Bruce and Lil­lian Gra­ham
Rod and Shar­ron Grum­mitt
Gary and Judy His­lop
Ray Howlett
Jason King
Rus­sell King
Bren­ton and Lyn Schi­er
Chris Shep­herd
Jeff and Sus­sane White

Mem­bers without.

Steven and Paula Davies
Alan and Jan Del­zop­po
Michael Del­zop­po
Wayne and Anna Flem­ing
Doug and Jean Hed­ing­ton
Rob and Di Martel­la
Antho­ny Mirabito