February 2021 – Charlies Auto Museum.

Arti­cle by Jason King

Two runs in two months, we could get used to this. Although Vic­to­ria was placed into a snap five day lock­down the week before due to COVID, restric­tions had eased where it did not affect the hold­ing of the club run to Arthurs Seat. This run was planned for ear­ly last year, but we know what hap­pened since then.

I arrived at the club rooms and noticed only 4 oth­er ear­lies. Jim met us at the club rooms and decid­ed due to hav­ing a chest infec­tion that he would not attend the run. We left the club rooms and made our way down toward the Morn­ing­ton Peninsula.

We arrived at the ser­vice sta­tion on Penin­su­la Link, and one could be mis­tak­en to think we had gone back in time to the late 50’s due to how many ear­lies where in the car park, I say the late 50s and not the mid 50s due to the EK that was also on the club run.

After leav­ing the ser­vo, the pro­ces­sion of cars to Arthur’s seat looked awe­some. We arrived at Char­lies Auto Muse­um and spent some time going through the muse­um. There were a cou­ple of FX’s in there, but over­all a huge selec­tion of dif­fer­ent types of motor vehi­cles and mem­o­ra­bil­ia. For those who did not attend or who have nev­er been to the muse­um, it is def­i­nite­ly a place to vis­it if you are down on the Peninsula.

From the muse­um, we made our way to Rod’s sec­ond home, the Scout facil­i­ties in Mount Martha. Rod lead the way, then Derk and then myself. 3 FJ utes up front, it can’t get any bet­ter than that. Now out of those 3 utes, 2 had water in their radi­a­tors when they arrived at Mount Martha, I know my car did and I am pret­ty sure that Rod’s car did, so that made Derks car the thirsty one.

On arrival at Mount Martha Derk’s car was so hot that it even melt­ed the tem­per­a­ture sen­sor, so no won­der Derk did­n’t know it was hot — the tem­per­a­ture light did­n’t come on. Well, that’s Derks rea­son­ing and how can you even chal­lenge that really.

As we let Derks car cool down we sat around and had some lunch, Rod took some of us and showed us the old trains that the scouts have refur­bished and are at the loca­tion. Kim Radenic and old train mas­ter even schooled Rod in the trains he had on dis­play, I think Rod was very impressed.

After lunch we all start­ed to dis­ap­pear and make our way home. All in all, was a good day out and thor­ough­ly enjoyable.

Mem­bers with earlies.

Jim Bish­op
Peter and Cyn­thia Char­man
Peter Cor­ri­g­an
Trevor Dempsey
Ray Edsall
Aldo Gianchi­no and Sil­vana
Bruce Gra­ham
Rod and Sharon Grum­mitt
Gary and Judy His­lop
Ray and Janet Howlett
Jason and Janine King
Robert Peime (and dog)
Kim and Janine Radenic
Bren­ton Schi­er
John Shore
Derk Tuik
Jeff and Sus­sane White

Mau­rie and Cherie (dri­ving Kim’s FJ sedan)

Mem­bers without.

Michael Hedger
Ter­ry Hunt
Rob and Di Martel­la (EK)