Garage Crawl — 14th April 2019.

Arti­cle by Jim Bishop

This run turned out to be a very pleas­ant day. It start­ed with most of those who came meet­ing at the clu­b­rooms and head­ing to Andrew and Fe’s home in Cold­stream, to explore Andrews col­lec­tion of cars and parts etc, oth­ers includ­ing myself turned up separately.

‘Goofy’ was on dis­play for all to see along with all of Andrew’s oth­er projects. His col­lec­tion of parts is obvi­ous­ly vast, we were able to have a good look around and with Andrew telling us what he had. We had approx two hours here that includ­ed morn­ing tea that Fe set up for us on Andrews ‘Mans Shed’ out­side deck with lots of Ear­ly Hold­en décor.

Then it was time to head to Aldo’s place for a look at his Garage/workshop and lunch. We start­ed off in con­voy that split up due the unavoid­able traf­fic lights, but it was a great day for a dri­ve in per­fect weath­er and we all made it to Wantirna.

The main focus at Aldo’s was his Ute that has been a long term project that is very near com­ple­tion. It is obvi­ous that the atten­tion to detail and the qual­i­ty of the restora­tion and mod­i­fi­ca­tions is of a very high stan­dard, that is a cred­it to him. I am sure it will not be long before we get to see it join­ing our club runs for all to see, a great addi­tion to our club car list.

We then turned our focus on lunch and being the great host that he is Aldo start­ed up the BBQ’S and we set­tled down to a great lunch and drink’s in his out­door alfres­co area. We enjoyed a good socia­ble after­noon to fin­ish off the run.

Thank you to Andrew and Fe and also Aldo for allow­ing us into your homes and garages and for your hospitality.

A great run with 16 mem­bers and 11 Ear­lies attend­ing.
Stay hap­py and safe Jim.

Mem­bers with Ear­lies.
Jim Bish­op
Peter Char­man
Peter Cor­ri­g­an
Daryl Dunn.
Richard Fox
Aldo Gianchi­no
Bruce Gra­ham
Rod Grum­mitt.
Jason and Janine King
Andrew Staines
Jeff White

Mem­bers with­out,
Alan Del­zop­po
Michael Del­zop­po
Wayne Flem­ing
Ian Glen­nie
Gary His­lop