March 2019

Hi all,

We are already into the third month of the year, so this year is really starting to fly. The colder months will be here before we know it. Unfortunately I could not get to the last club run on the 17th of February, as I was in hospital for a medical procedure. But I survived that and I am fine, by all accounts I hear that the run on the 17th was a great turn out for those who attended.

As I write this we have just had our Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on Saturday 2nd March at Notting Hills Bunnings. Thankyou for all who gave up their time to man the BBQ station on such a hot 38 degree day. Talk about complete opposites with the weather, last year is was so cold and wet when we did Bunnings and this year was so hot. It did get quite slow from 2.00pm but who could blame anyone, who really would want to make a trip to Bunnings at 2.00pm on a 38 degree day. We are yet to tally up the results of our work, but we should know the tally by tonights meeting.

At our last committee meeting it was decided that the Presidents run for 17th March will be moved to May or June, due to the fact that the air museum at Essendon airport is an indoor museum and might be better suited for the colder and rainier months. So, the only up and coming run this month now that the Bunnings run was completed last Saturday the 2nd of March, will be with the men’s shed on Saturday 30th March 2019. There will be more details on this at tonight’s meeting.

Over the last few weeks, I have fielded quite a few new member enquiries, which just goes to show that there are many FX and FJ Holden’s out there, that we may not have seen yet. If any new members are reading this report, please feel to introduce yourself and discuss your car build or plans. Our club has a wealth of knowledge and experience and would be more than happy to share.

At the last Committee Meeting some run ideas where discussed, this included a run around the bay and others. We really need to start thinking about some runs and perhaps we could discuss this at our next meeting.

There are a few major birthday milestones happening which I would like to add to the newsletter, but unforuntatley we do not have everyones birthday. If you want to be included in the newsletter for your up and coming birthday, please let Rod know your birthdate (including year), thanks.

I would like to add that I have heard that Kevin Baird is slowly on the improve since his stroke, and we wish him the most speedy recovery.

That’s about it for me for this month.

Until next month, stay safe and safe travels.