Oct – 2018 State Titles Report

It all started on Saturday morning at Barry Bourke Motors Berwick for Registration and Scrutineering. Rod Grummitt, Peter Charman, Chris Shepherd along with many other club members queued up, and the scrutineering started and cars began to move forward. Except for Chris’s car as some early’s do from time to time it would not start, proved to be a dud battery so his car was pushed into the dealers workshop to receive a new battery, while it was there they carried out the scrutineering on it as well.

There were lots of very hungry drivers putting pressure on the sausage sizzle but they coped and all went well.It was all completed around midday and then it was time to get ready for the Saturday evening Dinner.

The Dinner started with Kay and I meeting Rod and Sharon Grummitt and Rob and Diane Martella at 6 pm at Trios Restaurant Cranbourne Race Course.While we waited in the foyer for the dining room to open many others began to arrive including Peter and Linda Corrigan, Rod and I were sitting on a low couch together and Linda approached to say hello with a kiss, well Rod being the gentleman that he is suddenly moved his feet so as not to trip her up, well the opposite happened and Linda fell straight forward onto him, going by the look on Rods face he must have thought all of his Christmas’s had come at once.Well with pre dinner entertainment done with we all went into to start the evening dinner and events.

We were welcomed by the AEHF President Tony Dowsett and dinner commenced. Between courses we were entertained by a guest speaker Mr Norm Darwin regarding the early development of the 48-215 and the correct data that is now apparent.In addition we had a trivia competition that included a lot of questions regarding early’s including technical items ,this was won by a table that was occupied by our club members, well done.

Also one of the raffle door prizes was won by Diane Martella, a nice bottle of Mascato. The evening finished with the auction many items were available to bid for, as usual this event encouraged a lot of competitive bidding with a good result for the evening.Two people that attended the Titles were our distant members from Orbost Glen and Alison Farley it was great to catch up again with these folks.So at approx. 10.30 the night ended and we left to rest and get ready for the Sunday Show and Shine.

Sunday started with a cloudy sky but it remained dry throughout with sunshine in the afternoon.

Registration and Scrutineering continued along with the Show and Shine a really good turn out of great cars, including the iconic Holden EFIGY and the 48-215 Peter Brock competed in. The Delegates meeting resulted in the FX FJ Holden club of Australia Inc Melbourne Chapter putting their hand up to run the State Titles 2019.

The SES put on a demonstration and cut up a Mazda to mimic a car rescue, very interesting to watch.

During the afternoon there were the Rocker Cover Races, Hub Cap Toss and Spark Plug Change always a lot of fun.

Then the Trophy Presentations started.

Well our club shined,We had 25 early’s entered (well over 25% of the total cars entered). We had just on 50 members attend many with partners and the EMHC drove away with 10 Trophy’s, hey were as follows.

TOP SEDAN                                    James Cresswell
1st WILD CUSTOM                       Rohan Johnstone
GRAND CHAMP MODIFIED     Scott Woodbridge
PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD       Neville Mawer
1st RADICAL CUSTOM                Richard Fox
2nd WILD CUSTOM                     Russel King
3rd WILD CUSTOM                      Chris Shepard
2nd STOCK FJ                                Ray Daggers

Well done to all of these ten members great to see them get the recognition for all of the hard work they put into their cars. So with the weekend ending on such a high note we headed home.

A special note of thanks to our hosts, THE SOUTHERN EARLY HOLDEN CLUB, well done a great success..

Members that attended – with an early.
Gary and Lesley Beardsly                   Peter and Cynthia Charman
Peter and Linda Corrigan                   James Creswell
Ray and Val Daggers                           Trevor and Sue Dempsey
Ray and Di Eaton                                 Ray Edsall
George Failia                                         Chris and Jane Fox
Richard Fox                                           Rod and Sharon Grummitt
Doug and Jean Hedington                 Ray Howlett
Rohan and partner Johnstone          Chris Kane
Russel King                                           Ian Maclean
Neville Mawer                                      Robert Peime
Brenton and Lyn Schier                     Chris Shepherd
John Shore                                           Derk and John Tuik
Scott Woodbridge

Without an early.
Garry Allen                                           Jim and Kay Bishop
Greg and Birgit Bubner                     Harold and Rosemary Bulman
Michael Delzoppo                               Ralph Edwards
Glen and Alison Farley                      Wayne and Anna Fleming
Aldo Gianchino                                   Brett and Sky Hall
Jason and Janine King                      David Le Gassick
Rob and Diane Martella                   Allen Newsome
Paul Quigley                                        Kim and Janine Radenic
Rob Redwood                                      Alan Saxon
Tim Sells and Michelle                      Mark and Janet Waghorn
Ross and Wife Williams