Sep – Vietnam Vets



The day started with sunshine at Croydon North when Kay and I left for the run to Phillip Island, after that the weather varied from sun to rain on the 90 minute drive.


There was a small group that left from the clubrooms at 9am with more meeting at the BP Lang Lang at 9-30 am. Unfortunately Jeff White did not get a lot further as one of his rear axels decided to remove itself from the car,with others stopping to assist including Rod and Sharon/Peter and Cynthia/Pete Corrigan and others it was obviously a tow truck job. Pete Corrigan stayed with Jeff for a while why he waited for the tow truck.The others started to continue on except for Peter Charman he had turned off his 6 volt early while it was hot and it would not start,luckily Cynthia was with him and she came to the rescue pushing the early while Pete got it started,well done Cynthia!!.


Well after all of these events we all made it to the Museum, Ray and Di Eaton met us there as they were staying at their holiday house around the corner, our lunch host Aldo also arrived and we settled down to a lovely morning tea of huge scones with lashings of jam and cream along with coffee. We then went into the Museum for a guided tour, this place is a bit of an eye opener from the stories that are recorded to the immense collection of very large planes,Helicopters and Military Machinery including a Personal carrier and a Tank all under cover,well worth a second visit to take it all in. While we were inside the rain and hail changed to sunlight and stayed with us for the rest of the day.


After the Museum tour it was time to take a short 10 minute drive to Aldo’s house at Rhyll. Aldo had been working hard to set up his outdoor undercover area for lunch, BBQ’S running and a drum fire burning nice and hot, we set up one of our club gazabo’s that I had brought along for extra cover and we all settled in. Aldo had prepaired hand made burgers special garlic marinated steak,snags and chicken legs and wings,we started to cook and folks started to get drinks and with the combination of Aldo’s and Kay’s potato salads and green salad we all enjoyed a great lunch.


Aldo’s large block allowed all of us to park on site with room to spare next to his lovely old holiday house that he is renovating and expanding up to a second story to take advantage of the terrific water views he has. After lunch all of the guy’s did the usual inspection of the car’s, new member Harry Bulman had his new car there and it created lot’s of interest when he said he was having trouble with his bonnet catch and release fitting not working the way it should. Lots of attention and expert advice followed, Bruce Graham put up his hand to rectify the problem,after refitting the plate and adjusting the release cable the bonnet was closed and declared fixed only to have it pop open by itself straight away? a second attempt did fix it to the satisfaction of all present.


After a great day and the afternoon sun heating west we started to pack up and prepare for the drive home. Kay and I were among the last to leave and head off, just past the Lang Lang proving ground site we noticed 2 earlies stopped on the road side, it was Darryl Dunn and Bruce Graham they moved of to the service road outside a farm house and we followed to see what the problem was. Darrel’s car was steaming!!  The radiator was hidden by a cloud of steam, Bruce suspected that a lack of water was the problem and being our resident mechanic for the day after fixing Harry’s car his diagnosis was correct. After we cooled it down with some water Darryl managed to release the radiator cap,by this time we had an audience,the family from the farm had arrived with containers of water, Darryl started the car and water was added it soon became apparent that it was bone dry it settled down with lot’s of H2O.With that done we thanked the farm folk and headed of,some time later on Eastlink near Ringwood we passed Darryl and Jeanette going along at a good pace and gave them a toot and a wave as we passed.


So ended another great run. A special thank you to Aldo for his hospitality and organizing the Museum morning tea and tour.


Stay Happy and Safe.


Jim and Kay.


Those with an Early                                                          Without an Early

Harry and Rosemary Bulman                                          Jim and Kay Bishop

Peter and Cynthia Charman                                             Aldo Gianchino

Peter Corrigan                                                                     Rob Martella

Daryl and Jeanette Dunn                                                  Kim Radinic

Ray and Dianne Eaton

Bruce and Lillian Graham

Rod and Sharon Grummitt

Garry and Heather Hodge

Trevor and Sandra Read

Derk Tuik

Mark and Janet Waghorn

Jeff White