Aug — Interclub

TRIVIA RUN REPORT 12th August 2018 We set off for the Broad­mead­ows Sport­ing Club for the Triv­ia day for the inter-club chal­lenge against the Mel­bourne Chap­ter. When we arrived we found Lil­lian and Bruce and Sue and Trevor already in atten­dance. We wait­ed and no oth­er mem­bers arrived. Mel­bourne Chap­ter had a larg­er num­ber so it was decid­ed that…

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February 2018 Run Report METUNG

Feb­ru­ary Run Report METUNG Fri­day 16th group run down to Metung writ­ten by Derk. I’m all packed and ready to leave ear­ly for our cruise to Metung, as I’m dri­ving out of my dri­ve­way my sedan starts to run like a bag of you know what, while I’m parked at the end try­ing to decide if I will roll…

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August 2018

Hel­lo all and wel­come to August this month we have our Bun­nings sausage siz­zle and our inter club, also we have our AGM where all posi­tion will be vacat­ed and up for grabs so if your think­ing about it now is your chance, and remem­ber it is your club so if you want to make a dif­fer­ence now is…

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Corona Virus - EMHC Update - ALL CLUB ACTIVITIES are suspended until 30th November 2020.