42nd Victorian State Titles — 2019.

Arti­cle by Jim Bish­op It was 3pm Fri­day and we have just arrived at the RACV Gold­fields Resort Creswick to find the car park full of new Mer­cedes Benz cars, thought we might have had the wrong week­end at first? Then the car trans­porter trucks start­ed to arrive and over the next few hours they were all loaded and…

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October 2019

Hi all, I am now back from my Euro­pean vaca­tion. I was gone 8 weeks and Janine and I had a great time away. There were a num­ber of high­lights all over Europe from vis­it­ing car fac­to­ries, through to vis­it­ing old ruins, it just shows you how young of a coun­try Aus­tralia real­ly is. How­ev­er Hold­en relat­ed the high­light…

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