Corona Virus — EMHC Update

Hi all, This morn­ing a spe­cial com­mit­tee meet­ing was held via tele­con­fer­ence, to deter­mine the clubs posi­tion on club events in the wake of the coro­na virus. It was agreed unan­i­mous­ly amongst the com­mit­tee meet­ing that were present, that ALL CLUB ACTIVITIES be sus­pend­ed until 1st May 2020. This deci­sion will be reviewed in the last week of April around the 25th and 26th to ascer­tain if the sus­pen­sion will be lift­ed or even pos­si­bly extended.

What this means is the fol­low­ing are can­celled.
State Titles meet­ing 18 March 2020
Club Run on 22 March to Char­lies Auto Muse­um
April Gen­er­al meet­ing
April Com­mit­tee meet­ing
April State Titles meet­ing
Bun­nings BBQ (is talk Bun­nings had can­celled already but at time of writ­ing we have not heard it from Bun­nings)
Club Run to Marysville

There will be an April newslet­ter. This will be emailed out as per nor­mal. It is more than like­ly that there will be no print­ed newslet­ter for April as it is unknown if the print­er will be open to print the newsletter.

There will be no newslet­ter for May as there will be noth­ing to report on as there is no club activ­i­ty in April.

The health and well being of all our mem­bers is the most impor­tant thing to con­sid­er at this time.